You are perfect, just the way you are!

Dear Sisters!

My beautiful flowers with prominent and glowing skin. I acknowledge you all with all the flaws and imperfections, I say embrace them. From cellulite, freckles, dark spots, high pigmentation, stretch marks, acne, and all that doesn’t make sense to society I say you should own it. I know that some of you are only glowing on your skin with contoured faces covered in glitter but inside there’s enormous darkness, hatred, bitterness, and animosity. I understand that we go through a lot, and sometimes before we make harsh decisions all we ever need is an ear and wise advice. However some days it’s nowhere to be found hence we take conclusions that are harmful to our well-being because we are not even in the right state mind. I know some of you are wetting your pillows every night, and staining your sheets with black mascara because your spirit was tormented and you feel like enough is enough. A spiritual thief stole your smile, and frowning is all you do.

You’re questioning your purpose of living, and you’re out there concluding that you’re prone to pain, unworthy and deserve the worst. You probably think you’re alone and no one cares. The only thing that comes to mind is ending it all by taking your life. Pills? Rope? Tie? You weigh the options but you’re just not brave enough to do it. You’re helpless, and cry yourself to sleep hoping the following day will be better but tomorrow is nothing unique. Just a brand new dawn but the pain in your heart it stings the same like a million daggers consecutively pricked your chest. All day you fake smiles, and the world falls for it but your mom sees it all because your favourite plate is left untouched. She’s worried, and questions but you’re not comfortable to open up: perphaps she’s too old to understand, or maybe you’re afraid she might judge you. It’s okay, I know we hide a lot from our parents and there’s always a boundary limiting us from speaking freely. Whether it’s stress from school, maybe you failed and feel like it’s over. Or an unexpected break-up from your lover. Or you got raped. Or you’re pregnant. Maybe you are a single mother, and joblessness. Money issues are always stressful, or is it stagnancy! People are progressing but your dreams are far fetched! You blame God?

Nothing is major for you to call it quits. If you have no one to talk to a stranger is the best choice, pour it out, cry and cough it out. Just don’t let it remain in your heart.

Julia Lemekwane
Julia Lemekwane
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