Roses are beautiful, yet dangerous!

Most of us have been enchanted by the power of roses and even with the evidence of its power to cause harm, we still take a chance to put our hands in between thorns, with the hope of picking one without injuries because in our hearts all we desire is to place one closer to our nostrils and allow its scent to take over our senses. The feeling is overwhelming, you want to water it, care for it, and keep it closer to you. It’s the feeling that matters right? And regardless of our bleeding wrist what we take pride in is the achievement at hand and the sacrifice we had to make to get the blooming flower in our hands is all that matters. To a reader who is concerned if this is some sort of a heroic story of a person who saved a poor rose from dying, well it’s nothing like that. This is a euphemism directed to people in relationships, marriages, and in love. I had to paint a picture of a rose, so it could saturate your mind, sink in and dissolve in an instant.

This is a cry to all the masculine beings, testeorone driven creatures – our men. I know it’s hard to remain with one woman in your life, given temptations, obstacles, and endless problems. The grass seems greener on the other side, which makes harder for you to commit. It becomes difficult to stick to our own vows, promises and oaths. The thought of letting go makes sense, and tarting afresh is all you yearn for because you think this relationships is long gone. But before you can decide, I want you to go back to some events and its only then you can make a choice and decide if you really want to throw away the gorgeous flower for a stone.

“I saw that you were perfect, and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.” – Angelita Lim

Think about it! Roses are all beautiful, and have their own flaws. You just have to pick up the one that makes you happy, and alive. Choose the one that gives you a sense of belonging, the one that lightens your mood and most importantly the one you love! Yes, you should love it, nurture it and keep it alive. Do not cut out its oxygen supply if you are not certain about your choice, leave it as it is for someone who can offer it genuine love. The worst mistake that men do is to stick with a woman who their heart do not belong to for years without clear intentions, and then drop them for someone else. Real men speak their feelings, and make wise decision. Real men do not break hearts, but mend hearts. Break ups are inevitable, yes! But how do you approach it? Are you giving the next person an opportunity for closure or you just say your piece and leave them to get over it? Be real yet kind. Be genuine yet considerate. Be true, yet polite. Roses are beautiful, and enchanting but there will be a time where they succumb their strength and die. You take care of them, they take care of you. If you are not delicate, you might get yourself pricked. You neglect them, they will never be the same. Be a good husband to your wife, anf a better guy to your girl. If you are going to leave the rose someday, at least leave it inside a glass jar full of water for someone to take care of it. Do not stuff it in trash can like you never loved it. The world would be a better place if you take away wisdom from this

Julia Lemekwane
Julia Lemekwane
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