Postpartum Changes

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There might be some changes in your body, and I want to know that it’s natural. Embrace it, and own it. For most of us, the postpartum belly shape brings shame and we find ourselves doing whatever it takes to make it go away. We subscribe to fitness channels on YouTube so we can know from the experts how it’s done, but the truth is we are only comparing ourselves to people who resort to aesthetic liposuctions and BBL. We go far as purchasing weight loss products that would make us burn the fat quickly because we can’t take a look at ourselves anymore. Let go of the negative perception about yourself, we are only human and it’s okay to be out of shape after giving birth. I know how it feels to refer at a picture of yourself when had the perfect body physique and you have noticed that you are nothing compared to what you were before.
No one speaks about how difficult it is to lose weight after giving birth. As much as we know how essential it is to exercise during and after pregnancy, sometimes we get caught up in our circumstances which hinder us to work on our bodies. An infant has a demanding personality, and you can only do so much on your own. Mostly those who have a great support structure will always be the luckiest to hit the gym, 6 weeks postpartum but those single moms without a babysitter might not be able to balance work, new mom lifestyle, and their personal goals.“Self love is the most important love of all.”

Each one of us has a different journey, and it might not be as easy as an influencer might make it seem. I started my fitness journey in 2022 after I gave birth to my beautiful son in the covid19 era back in 2020. I always had a lean body, weighing 55kg and I gained 19kg in a space of two years. I won’t lie this was challenging, and people who watched me grow from thin to thick never made it easy for me. I had to be reminded always that I have gained weight and I am no longer the same, and even today I am not in speaking terms with some people because of this insensitive topic. I knew I was doing my best to get in shape, and these people were placing pressure on what I already knew.

Things get a little better with acceptance. My strength came from making peace with the new person I am, and I developed more self-awareness about myself. When I finally understood that the transition was something normal I started setting realistic goals, and take smaller steps to achieve them. I began exercising at least 3 times in a week and took breaks in between. I drank more water, I believe the H20 diet is more important in the weigh loss journey because our bodies requires water to function. I pray that all women find the strength they need to execute any goal and work on it at their own pace. Everyone is different, but remain positive and work on it bit by bit. Affirm nice things about yourself and your don’t let the world define you.

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Julia Lemekwane
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