Evil Creatures , Lurk In The Dark

I once believed that the most safest, peaceful and comfortable place in the world was where I came from, but my hypothesis was proven wrong one evening. To think of it today, I feel like a complete lunatic to believe that I was once gullible. I used think it was safe to be in my neighbourhood at anytime of the day even in the midst of the night. In my head I thought people that knew you, could never harm you but my mindset changed after I was nearly abducted. Yes Kidnapped!

God granted me an experience that supported my grandmother’s words when she said, “When you see the sunset, run back home because evil creatures love darkness.”
Every time I returned home late, she would scold me as if I had broken her favourite mug. And sometimes when she was very angry, she’d give a beating that would make me feel pain when I sat down. Little did I know that she was doing it out of love, care and, security. I think I was about 10 years old, when God gave me the wisdom of respecting the dark.
That evening I was on my way home from my friend’s place. Jessica and I often took turns in visiting each other, and that day it happened to be my turn to visit her. We played from noon till sunset, chasing after one another. Just when our laughs were getting louder, and our legs more dirty, evening entered.

We knew it was time for our divergence when we saw the darkness, but we could not stop playing. Jessica stayed a few streets away from me; therefore she escorted me until there was only one more street left before reaching my home.
Just when I was approaching the passage, a black car with dim lights came in my direction and started speeding towards me as if it would knock my tiny body down.

I felt my heart pounding in my chest, because after it had reached where I was standing it came to halt. By the time I saw a male with a hoodie on emerging from the car, I froze as I could see that his intentions were not of a Good Samaritan. By just looking at his body structure I recognised that he was someone I subconsciously knew from my hood, but there was no time for me to check his face as I knew that If I didn’t run, he would do something bad to me.
My adrenaline gland pumped more than it should have that evening. The funniest thing was I was running towards Jessica’s home, instead of mine. My heart was beating faster, as I was running, and when I looked over my shoulder I realized that the man was gone. Now my worry was about how I was going to get home.

Fortunately I bumped into my female neighbour, Mrs Baloyi on the way. I was so relieved to see her coming to my rescue. I hissed a silent, “Thank God” and ran to her like a maniac, panting heavily.
She saw how troubled I was and as a result I had to explain what had just happened. She held my hand firmly, and assured me that she will take me home safely. We looked around as we walked in the passage, but there was no trace of the car. A few minutes later we were in my house, explaining my encounter to my grandmother. I could see how furious she was about the news, but she didn’t reprimand me at all. She was just happy to see me alive and safe. Ever since that day, I respect the darkness.

Julia Lemekwane
Julia Lemekwane
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