Broken Mirror – (A short Story)

I took one final look in the cracked mirror before exiting the house just so I could be certain that I would look appealing to the public.

‘Yes girl!’ I tell myself as I plaster a wide smile on my oval face.

I was happy with the shape of my eyes, and lips but my hooked nose lowered my esteem. I sometimes wish if I had a small, round nose but I had to accept it is what it is, and in my culture it was blasphemous to question God.

As I was observing my physique, I caught a glimpse that my glutes were forming and I appreciated the new butt I have developed from doing the squads exercise. I could hear my mom yelling from the kitchen, and I knew I have been staring the mirror for a long time.


Her wailing voice was getting in my head already, I flicked my eyes out of irritation as I approached her.

Somehow she could see how bored I was, or maybe it was written all over my face. I couldn’t careless though, I knew she wanted to send me to the shopping center.

“Ma?” I rolled my eyes.

“Dinny.” She gave me the largest grin ever, as a bribe of course.

“Please go to the Supermarket to get me some milk, eggs and baking powder. I want to bake some cookies for the women in church.”

“But Ma?”

She interjected. “Please I should have sent your brother, but Karabo is nowhere to be found.”

I took the money from her hands without saying a word, and stormed out of the house. The sun was doing it’s daily routine, burning us alive. At this point I concluded that Earth was actually an euphemism for hell. I regretted my selection of wearing a bum short in the first place as the rays hit my skin directly. I took out my headset and listened to music, before I turned the volume up I heard a car hooter behind me. I ran to the other side of the street like a confused athlete fearing for my life. The car stopped, and the driver hooted again as signalling me to come to where his car was parked.

‘Hell No.’ I said to myself.

I wasn’t that cheap enough to get into a stranger’s car, without even knowing where the car was heading. I turned my head fast when I heard the car door slamming behind me.

“Hey Mommy.” It was the driver following me, “I just wanna give you a ride and save you from this sun.”

Why would he call me mommy, do I look that old?’ As much as I was getting fried, I ignored him, turning my volume up but the headsets were not loud enough to conceal his voice.

“I don’t steal people, or do I look like I do?”

I glanced at him, and was pretty convinced he wouldn’t steal me. He was a tall, muscular guy with a body to die for. His eyes were almond gold, and sexy in a way. I don’t know but there was something I couldn’t put a finger on about him.

“So will you allow me to give you a ride.”

I watched him as he bit the bottom of his pink lips.

“I don’t trust strangers.” I said as I took out my headset to gain more of his attention. I wanted to get in the car but, I didn’t want to be seen as typical township girls who gets in anything that has four wheels.

“I know you’re heading to the supermarket, which is about five minutes from here. I’m going meet a friend of mine who lives around.” He explained “Let me save you from the sunburn. Please?”

His puppy eyes were looking at me immovable. Thinking of the terrible discolorations I’d get after the sun has dealt with me, made me to change my mind.

It’s better to be cheap, than to be burned like a sinner.’

A voice somewhere at the back of my head whispered as I got into the car. Looking carefully at the car, I could see it was the new Audi Rs5. I wasn’t fascinated as I wasn’t a huge fan of fancy cars but I must say this car is a beast.

“At least now you wont get a high pigmentation, this heat is bad.”

He turned on the air conditioner, and I smiled and left a room for silence. The silence was too loud. It felt awkward that I was in a stranger’s car, and we were not talking. Not that I wanted to talk but, it was just uncomfortable.

“Can I ask?” He stared at me in the eyes, then I looked in the different direction. My body gave me unusual sensations, to a point where it started showing in my face. “Are you okay?”

I nodded. I was with a complete stranger, and human trafficking was a popular trade these days. I didn’t feel like talking at all.

“Okay.” He spoke in a soft tone, “My name is Quinton, and you are?”

Quinton? Is he coloured? I thought to myself when I finally heard how weird he pronounced the letter ‘Q’

“I’m Dineo… and I will be getting off here.” I pointed at the Pakistan owned Supermarket, looking forward to get off.

“Oh I forgot…” His facial expression changed, he seemed to be disappointed. “Can I have your number at least?”

“No I can’t but thanks for the ride.”

I unlocked the car, and stepped as I quickly walked away without staring behind me.

“Should I wait for you?”

I couldn’t respond back to him, but continued walking towards store. A part of me wanted to give him my numbers, but such guys are heart breakers. I won’t stand a chance if I were to compete with the girls he gets involved with. One thing about ‘Mjolo’ you will die but if I ever see him again, maybe we can work something out.
A deadly smell wafted in the air as I made an entrance. A large group of people were queuing at the tills.

Shit! It’s month end.’ I cursed.

The heated air formed a mirage, and I winced at the stuffy atmosphere. This was the reason why I hated shopping during the last day of the month. I promptly grabbed what I came for, and followed the long queue. Behind me was a Zimbabwean guy who wore blue work suits, I curiously looked at his hairy hands which were covered with dust particles of cement.

He nudged me with his sharp fingernail, and I turned back questioning his gesture.

“My Sista I think I forgot something. I’m right behind you.”

He moved away from me, leaving his bad odour with me. I can’t tell if it was legs, armpits or a mixture of both. I felt like puking already.

I became relieved when the cashier said, “Next.” I hurriedly went to pay.
When I was done with everything, I exited the store like I had survived a fatal death.
The sun was departing into the sky at this moment, and it wasn’t as hot anymore so there was no need for any lift. I walked back home listening to turn up songs which reminded me of my high school days.
By the time when I heard The Weeknd – Earned it. Banging to my ears I was half way home.

From a distance I could see a car, parked at the entrance of my home and I saw my brother from a distance. I walked slowly looking down until I reached my home.


I heard Karabo yelling my name. When I turned I saw him with the guy who offered me a ride, Quinton. My heart started beating faster, I froze.

“Where are you coming from?”

“Dineo?” My brother shouted, then he realized that Quinton and I were lost in each other’s eyes. “Do you guys know each other?”

I had a mental block, while my eyes were interlocked with Quinton’s.

I felt my heart turning into ice, and I froze without answering.

Julia Lemekwane
Julia Lemekwane
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