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Julia Lemekwane

Julia Lemekwane, a nominee in the Avbob Poetry Competition 2022. 2023 AfriCAN Global Author’s Awards nominee. She can usually be found reading a psychological thriller book with a great plot twist and suspense. Writing a novel has always been one of her wildest dreams, and eventually, with ‘Wool Over My Eyes’ it came to life. If she isn’t deeply immersed in the literature, a part of her world is centered around working as a Financial Adviser, and being a good mother to her son. She lives in Pretoria, with her family and currently studies a Bachelor of Arts in Education at the University of South Africa. This book will be a mother to many, as she doesn’t intend on stopping here but to publish more books.

Wool Over My Eyes

Wool Over My Eyes

Wool Over My Eyes, is a novel about a young woman who is forced to take care of her siblings after her parents die from mysterious causes. Pearl Sediba abandons her dreams of a better life to work in retail stores to make ends meet for her family. Her brother, Tiffany Sediba, goes missing after joining the South African Defense Force as a soldier, leaving his family with the assumption that he is dead in a civil war. Pearl Sediba finds refuge in her boyfriend, Terry Nyembe, who offers her a ticket to a new lifestyle, but with red flags that she chooses to ignore.


The story revolves around Pearl Sediba and her best friend, Promise Mbewe, who have been together since childhood. When Pearl meets Terry Nyembe, she falls in love with him and moves with him to Johannesburg, bidding farewell to the poverty in Soweto. Conflict arises when Promise Mbewe becomes envious of Pearl’s new lifestyle, leading to a discreet affair with Terry Nyembe. Later, Tiffany Sediba comes back to Soweto to announce good news about his fiancee, but also reveals a dark family secret after their grandmother’s death.


Pearl Sediba discovers a letter from her late mother about her biological father, Eric Ndlovu, who could be alive. She goes to Terry Nyembe’s apartment unannounced and learns about the secret affair between her best friend and her boyfriend. Saddened by the grimy discovery, Pearl Sediba makes a phone call that puts her life in danger. She is kidnapped by criminals who turn out to be working for her real father, Eric Ndlovu. Pearl Sediba breaks the news about the letter, and Eric Ndlovu almost goes through a divorce after his dodgy businesses are discovered.


Eric Ndlovu plots for Pearl to be trafficked along with other young girls to neighboring countries, not only to save his marriage but to wipe off the debt that he owes his partner in crime. Pearl Sediba conspires against her father and finds a way to escape. She anonymously tips the South African Police Services off about the container and geographical coordinates of where the missing girls and the criminals are held. In the end, Tiffany Sediba keeps his promise, and Pearl along with her siblings relocates to Cape Town to start a new life.

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